Made In America: Trends, Tariffs & The Environment

Made in America has received a heavy dose of press of late as recent trade negotiations and the implementation of tariffs have dominated the news cycle leaving us and our customers to question what would happen next.

Imported furniture from China has allowed customers to meet aggressive lead times and offer low cost solutions.  In turn, these manufactures have compromised quality, design integrity and cut corners that are often harmful to the environment.  You simply cannot cast this in any other way.  The ecological issues raised by buying new furniture every 2-5 years is one of great waste.  Chinese manufacturers have proven to be no friend to our environment or to the American worker.

Seibold Baker is a believer in offering quality products that last the test of time.  We’ve learned over time and with much experience.  This does come at an initial higher cost.  Our manufacturing partners know that quality and craftsmanship provide better long-term value, is gentler to our planet and better for our American workers. 

This ultimately leads to a better buying experience for our clients which cannot be emphasized enough.  The reliability of domestic sources, sometimes in support of European manufacturers, gives our specifiers, end users and dealer customers the confidence and comfort to know that their orders will come in on time and right. Four weeks “on the water” is a barrier to service that cannot be overcome when inventory levels are low.

We all know that the market will continue to change as design trends evolve. The value, craftsmanship, environmental sustainability and design offered by our partners will remain important values as they continue to lead the market.

All of our manufacturers call the U.S., Europe and Japan their homes.  All with U.S. showrooms, assembly operations and U.S. based business centers to support our American market. We are proud that we can make this statement.

Please contact your local Seibold Baker rep or use our Contact Us page for more information on any of our manufacturers.

Julie Stearns