Fly With The Flokk: A Winter’s Eve In Norway (With Furniture)! 

Roros, Norway.  You probably have not heard of it, and we don’t blame you.  It’s a small town in central Norway with a population of about 3,500 people.  Roros began as a mining town. In 1685 silver was discovered and mined until the 1700’s when the Roros Copper Works opened and mined copper until 1977.  Mining was a prosperous but perilous industry in the early 1900’s-—mining throughout Norway was declining because of the environmental and human impact.  In the decline of the mining industry and up to the mine closing Roros noticed two things: First, they had a beautiful village and despite all the mining it was entirely intact. And second they had a highly skilled workforce without a large employer.  The first problem was solved in 1980 when UNESCO named Roros a world heritage site for its stunning preservation of traditional wood villages in Norway.  Its second problem was solved when the local government made a call to the industrialists during the 40’s and 50’s in Norway to move their factories to Roros to access this highly skilled and available workforce.  One of the companies to answer the call was HAG who moved their manufacturing to Roros in 1958.

HAG was a humble ergonomic seating manufacturer then and has since grown to be a part of one of the largest European seating manufacturers.  Despite this growth HAG and Flokk have continued to commit to this beautiful town and their furniture hearkens to the factory they call home.  Every HAG chair is carefully made in a world class facility pairing up with the craftsmanship of Roros and its people.  Every chair is also made with environmentally friendly materials, which also aligns with the move Roros made away from the environmental harm of the mining industry.     

HAG wants to share the history of this amazing place and their lovely factory with their customers in the U.S.  Please contact your local rep or reach out on our Contact Us page and we will explain how to win a trip to see this enchanted village and spend some city time at their corporate HQ in Oslo! 

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